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Haven't updated in a real long time [17 Jul 2005|08:22pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Hi, hope everyone's summer is going absolutely fabulous! Mine could be better. I'm just laying about doing nothing. I wake up extremely late and go to be in the morning like 2 or 3 a.m. It's pretty sad. My older brother is in France right now with his new g/f and is having a great time skiing on a glacier (lucky). Today I cleaned the house, watched a rediculous movie called "Open Water", and ate chocolate mint chip ice cream. I feel bad for all the people that saw that movie in theaters. It's incredibly boring and the people die at the end. Well, the guy gets bitten by a shark and bleeds to death while the girl gives up hope and drowns herself....such a great movie. Ne way, I just felt like typing in my journal and now I can't think of anything else to type, so chow!

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Yay! I have a sister! [04 Apr 2005|09:38pm]
[ mood | well I am now; not in school! ]

No, not really I'm just having Nan over for an extremely long time cause her room is under water. We literally had to ride in a canoe to get to her house and fill it with clothes that she needs for the week with me. It's insane at how much water Saugerties and rest of Ulster has and there's more to come (oh joy). Well, today was one of those days where you wanna cry and don't know why. It's confusing to explain. I just got easily explosive over tiny things lke not being able to graph my lab correctly. When lab was over I got nowhere but throwing out the darn piece of paper in the trash. Then, like everyday, I get negative remarks from people. Either being blonde, stupid, shirt too low (only today), or too slow. It's always something and made me crazy to the point that I yelled at people I wasn't even mad at. So, sorry to those I went nutzo on. Sry Jon that I didn't go bowling wit ya, I was busy doing hw cause I knew I wouldn't get any done on Sunday, plus I was too lazy to get up and go anywhere. Well, I'm gonna go....later§

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I don't want school tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [28 Mar 2005|07:29pm]
[ mood | yea I'm happy :) ]

As you can see I don't want school tomorrow and I bet I'm not the only one either. Right now I'm sittin here as Nan and Jarrett play Burn Out 2 on ps2 cause I still have hw and was workin on it, but as you can see I got a lil side tracted...as usual. Yesterday was a very kewl day cause my whole family ate dinner with the Halwick side, though not all attended. We rarely eat together so as long as some attend it's great. We didn't make it to church, so it wasn't much of an Easter Day, but 4-wheeling with Jarrett for hours was! Jarrett flipped his and luckily got out from underneath it before it rolled over him...sooo scary! Then we had to use all our strength to push it back on its wheels, believe me that is one heavy ATV! Well, I gotta go we're bringin Nan home :( latas

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Nicole made me! [24 Mar 2005|03:36pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Hi peoples Nicole is making me update my journal and I have no clue what to type. I had Nan spend the night for 4 days and Irena 2 days. It was fun and I can't believe my mom let me have them over for that long, it was awesome. We even went to the movies on Sunday at 9:30 after making ourselves look all gorgeous, let's just say Nan is a natural hair dresser..forget me doing people's hair I nearly burnt Irena's head with the curling iron and got her hair stuck in a twisty brush, oh wait that was Nan...lol. Well, when we went to the movies the whole entire town of Saugerties was completely empty and creepy, even the Orpheum was empty. I mean here we are running into the theatre thinking that we are late and when we walk in no one is there and the screen is blank with music playing vaigely in the backround with the lamps lit, it was so weird. So we are all running around like dorks screaming down in front...it was awesome. Well, I'm gonna go type ya later, adios! :)

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typing about yesterday, today (confused?) [05 Feb 2005|01:21am]
[ mood | life is like that ]

Yea yesterday was the snowball dance and it was pretty good. I think it's way better to go with a whole bunch of your friends instead of with a boyfriend, which I'll never get in a million years cause I dunno people don't know me like they think they do. Ne way Nicole, Stephanie, Irena, Laurie, and I went to Nicole's house after school and a restraunt cause steph and everybody were hungry like that. We got free water and ate Steph's curly fries (hehe) not to mention got sugar high on Steph's iced tea which ended up containing like 2 pounds of sugar! It helped keep us awake during the snowball. Too bad Steph didn't go, it would've been fun. Ne way we all left Nicole's house around 7:30 after getting like 15 pics done and believe me they were all so bootiful and perdy. The dance would've been funner if I wasn't so stupid and mouthing off such retarded remarks with out even being able to control it. I'd try to say a compliment and it would come out like a really bad insult. Oh and I was going through a tough time trying to get myself to have the guts to ask some guy to dance, ha it's certainly easier said than done. Poor Nicole got asked by a dude who wasn't the type of guy you wanna be dancing with and I'm stupid for not saving her. Grrr! Today was just not my day! I even got tangled in my bookbag and fell to the floor twice trying to untangle it, while everyone in keyboarding class basically fell over with tears of laughter dripping down their faces. Then there's this kid who has no problem just coming up to me out of nowhere and talking about the weirdest things, being perverted, and touching me in innocent ways like as he walks by to say hi or when I walk away from him he'll like grab my arm. Now if I had any interest what-so-eva in this guy I'd be all narf and happyful, but I don't so I'm stuck trying to eeze my way away from him with-out hurting his feelings or causing another person to hate me and form an invisible restraining order like another jerk I know. So yea that's pretty much all that occured today, so I'm gonna go to bed now and get up for bowling and babysitting from 6-11...fun-fun. >Have a great day and be sure to make someone else's day great too! :)

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just one of those days [02 Feb 2005|02:38pm]
[ mood | from bowling ]

I'm sittin here in 9th period with one of my really really good freinds and yea doin nothing but typing and being bored. I missed the bus just as I got down to the end of my road this morning and was like, "shitoki mushrooms!" So i walked back home and my hands were so cold I literally could not feel them. Then after waiting 20 or so minutes my dad comes home and speeds down to the school, so it took us 10 minutes instead of 15 mins...I love my daddy! Ne way people really bothered me today. First of all the person I so call my friend isn't very nice to me in fact I feel really crappy at the end of the day because of her. Like during english she told me that a couple of people hate me cause they think I'm immature and then she says that most of the people in our english probably can't stand me cause they're joe's friends and well he hates me. I mean what in the hell did I do to get treated like this?! I'm so lost, confused, mixed-up, and sad anymore. This world and this school really scares me. The only interesting thing in school today was when Billy asked for gum and I said," Ok I do have gum, but I'm not giving it to you cause you're not suppossed to have gum in band, oh!" and his jaw dropped and it was hilarious. His friend leaned over and said I think she hates you, it was funny. It was probably the first time I ever said something out of the ordinary and bang! Then I hear him whisper she so loves me...that wasn't funny. Well I have to get off, there's only 5 mins remaining, so peace! :)

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Just typin about my day cause I'm bored and don't feel like finishing my spanish project [29 Jan 2005|10:43pm]
[ mood | la di da da ]

I can't beleive it's already Saturday! Back to prison in like one more day. Ne way today was freakin weird, but mad kewl. Like my mom, dad, and I met this lady at our good friend's party and she was no normal lady. Like she goes to these clases in Woodstock that teach really kewl stuff, but not many people are suppossed to know. Like only European people know cause it's kinda illegal here and the reason is money. How gay is that, the only reason why we can't learn how to heal with special abilities, learn how to read what you're allergic to by ur body inbalances, and all this other kewl stuff is because we would put doctors out of a job and all those other people in the medical field. Doctors are a bunch of bull, they don't want you to get better, they just want to suck up all your cash. Well, a good portion of doctors, I happen to have a great doctor that actually cares, but most of them just take your money. Other than learning of such great enlightenment there was a cute guy there, but his attention was in the tv, so he just sat there watching "Gone in Sixty Seconds". So much for that. At least we made a friend, a very intelligent friend at that. Plus I got even with my brother. The party was held by our good friend Donna who happens to have a daughter that loves to take me into her room and show me all her stuffed animals which I see ever time I go over and babysit. Ne way Jarrett (my bro) told Patty (the daughter) that I wanna see her room, so she seeks me out, grabs me by the hand and brings me into her room to play. I'm like you're so dead jarrett, so when I break free I tell her that Jarrett wants to see all 600 of her stuffed animals and she takes him into her room, as I laugh histerically. I gotta tell ya it was fun and you had to be there. Well, I should prolly get back to that report. Later~

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Woa I haven't updated this thing in a longggg time! [18 Jan 2005|03:46pm]
[ mood | a lil moody ]

Today was a weird and twisted day for me. It's like how do you act around guys without giving them the impression that you'll ever consider dating them or even like them in a boyfriend way?! I'm having such a hard time with that. This dude thinks he can act like Jon around me all friendly and tickeling me when really he can't. Only people I trust can and when he comes up right next to me and tries to tickle me when I'm doing my combo I just feel like shouting help! I can honestly say I do not know how to take care of myself. I wanna go back to kindigarten where kids still believed in coodies. Now I have to figure out how to remain at a distance with people without hurting their feelings. I soo can not do that! I suck at telling someone to back off or leave me alone. Why do I get stuck in situations that god knows I can't handle on my own....where's my guardian angel?!! Sorry bout that I just feel like screaming because I'm stupid and cause my own problems and in like 2 years I'll be venturing out in the real world where my friends leave me for successful careers. I'm goin nuts here! Ne way besides all that my day was ok, so yea I'm gonna go wolf down that tasty looking turkey sandwhich.....ADIOS AMIGAS!!

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Happy New Year!!! [31 Dec 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Hey whomever is reading this...Happy New Year!! :) I can't believe it's almost 2005 already! I remember 2003 just ending and 2004 just beginning. I hope this year certain individuals will learn to forgive and forget and to not take in what people say of others as facts, but as oppinions. Let's face it everyone has one and they stink. Ne way Nicole I hope your vacation gets better with less babysitting and more action, lol. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get to-gether wit ya, especially now that I have an essay to do. Last night, well this morning around 3 am I saw Butterfly Effect and that's a really good movie in a sick and twisted way. Despite all the grusem events the movie overall teaches you a very valuable lesson. That life is precious and that you should be careful with what you do with it and that everything you do pretty much affects everyone around you as well as yourself. Think about it. Well, I gotta go there's people in line to use the computer that I'm on, so peace-out and make this year a better year!! :)

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I hate computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [31 Dec 2004|02:34am]
[ mood | very aggrivated ]

Ok I am in a pissy mood right now. I took the time to type up this whole freakin paragraph then the mouse decides to screw me over and click the back button (there's like 4 buttons on the mouse head and it happened to be the back button that I accidently hit). Causing the main screen to pop up and all my hard work gone! AHH! Ok well it's like 2:37 in the morning and I'm really losing it. I haven't had more than 5 hours of sleep each day since like the last day of school before vacation, especially now that Jimmy is gone. Everyone has been crying and it's been hard. I'm about ready to take a bat to this frigged up computer, so I should just say nighty-night and turn this hunk of junk off. Laters~

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back to school, already?! [29 Nov 2004|10:36pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Hope everyone's thanksgiving was a blast i know mine didn't last long at all, it's like BOOM we're in school. Ne way the first seconds of being back in school from a 4 day weekend i forget my locker combo and was late for homeroom which is right on the otherside of the freakin hallway, pretty sad ain't it. That's not all i also forget my friend's locker combo which is where i store my clarinet so i was a few seconds late to keyboarding, but luckily by the end of the day i manage to remember my combo, lol. Science was the only fun class cause Mr. P brought out his lizard and showed us his new trick and getting smacked with his tail while in the process, which looked pretty painful, not to mention scared the crap outta people cause the smack was soo loud! Ne way yea that was my fun filled day, that and thinking i had a club meeting today and having to stay in the library with Nicole (which wasn't bad at all, was totally fun...do that any day). It's a good thing she stayed too, needed someone to vent to, lucky her. I hope u can get those balloons outta ur fan before summer nicole, lol. Well it's like 11 now so i should prolly get to bed, don't wanna miss the bus again and bug the neighbors for a lift...the times you wish your parents would buy u a car. ~>toodles<~

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!! [25 Nov 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello everybody, hope u had a very happy thanksgiving. My thanksgiving was very fattening, I feel like I gained like a thousand pounds....ugh! I fell asleep on the couch lastnight, well actually more like 1 am today and with a major tummy ache, god do I hate those! Ne way there was more pies and deserts to eat than food, lol, not that I'm complaining. Right now I'm listening to A.F.I and having a very hard time not singing to them, my brother keeps smacking me for singing it, it's like come on!! I love singing even though I'm not a Maria Carey, lol. Oh yay yellowcard is on!! Ok soo like yea my day was boring except for I had time to type in here and play Tomb Raider Angel of darkness. I finally made it to the Le Serpont Rouge club and manged to take out a few guys with out dying, yay! All I need to do now is to jump on top of the disco lights near the cieling and look for an item hidden in one of the dead lights and give it back to this dude, pretty interesting. So yea I'm gonnna stop boring ya and leave, so have a great day!!! Luv yas :) OMG Greenday is on, ahhh! sry I had to add that (*I walk alone*)!! I'm not obsessed I swear!

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Lalalalala [24 Nov 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Today was an awesome day, despite the 24 hour rain and humidness (if that is a word....well it is now)! Ne way school was pretty kewl, Irena was expecting the locker decor and she deep down inside loved it even though she totally showed grrness on the outside (another one of my fansy words). I brought in cookies and a balloon, it was funny cause people on my bus thought it was my birthday and were like "Happy Birthday" so I had to burst their lil bubble. By the end of 3rd period I lost all my cookies, but to a very good cause. This very cute kid in my band walked up wit his friends and asked for cookies I offered him one but he said no.....he said no meaning he talked to ME! Wihooo! Yea sounding like nicole there, but wut do u expect I've been spending a lot of time hanging out wit her especially today, lol. It's not that bad of a thing either:). I noticed the faggot was talking to Rachel and not Amanda..... he's sooo fargin confusing, one minute ur told he isn't friends wit someone and the next he's talking to them like they were buds all along....who's to trust?! After a fruity day at school I go wit Nicole, Steph, and my brother to Nicole's house to hang out and then my brother flies down to the school realizing my dad was there waiting for him, haha. We like sat around playing with her new wacky kitten, Jasper. AWWWW, he's soooo ADORABLE! It was funny how he'd spin around in circles chasing this feather and get majorally dizzy not to mention scare the crap out of Steph with it's 2 inch claws and flashing speed right next to her feet. We had pizza too yummmm. Only thing gross was the selzer, ewww I'll never learn to like that stuff! This whole entire day I was doing pretty good without making screw-ups until Alyssa shut the door on me in Nicole's room so I couldn't see and I reached for the wrong switch causing her b-day balloons to get sucked up and tangled in her fan, SORRRY! I did realize that it was the wrong switch but by then it was too late. After that we had fun singing in Stewart's eating sherbert ice cream singing to the radio like dorks, that's us for ya...too bad steph had to miss out and go watch her sister, what a great daughter she is, lol! So yea that's pretty much my day, oh and watching Harry Potter number three (yea i know my series). Ne way it was pretty damn scary especially with surround sound and this huge wolf thingy chargin at the screne with drool pouring out, ahhhhhh!!! Then round 10 or so i had to leave, pooo!! Oh oops I typed a lot and have laundry to do, so yea bye!

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snickerdoodle [23 Nov 2004|02:22pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Hey people who read my reatarded entries, this is my very first entry and the only time to do it is in school. Today was an interesting day and I'm aggrivated cause of certain faggots (my friends should know them by now) in our school that just love to mess with my brother and well I'm highly protective of my family so don't mess with them! I can't stand people who just go up to you for no reason and wanna pick a fight wit ya and well that's wut people are doing to my brother and if u knew him you'd know that it's the most stupidest thing u could ever do, I should know I live wit him. Ne way besides all that I have to decorate my bf's locker for her b-day and hope that when she opens it all the balloons bounce in her face and streamers come flying out, hehe. Even though she suspects it cause I suck at lying, but oh well it's not like I never did it before. So if it's ur b-day and I know ur combo watch out!! So ne ways I'm all bored, well not really cause Nicole is sittin here wit me, hehe. Well I gotta go and see wut else I can do wit my journal, adios mis amigas!!!! :)

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